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Born and brought up in India, Trisha Srivastava is a self-taught illustrator and visual explorer whose passion lies in the art of storytelling through colors, where she found her zen zone and explored different forms of creative expressions.


She studied design with a specialization in fashion and from there, worked with design labels to conceptualize an array of collections. After starting her own conscious apparel & design studio in 2018, Trisha initially pursued digital illustration to finance her dream, but now it has become more than just a side income!

Through her now proficient art, she illustrates the everyday life around her, gathering inspiration from simple flitting moments to thought provoking conversations. In addition to that, she's been creating content for design studios & brands as well as working with NGOs to create awareness on distinct issues. 

Trisha loves reading crime thrillers, listening to soulful music and binging different genres of shows, her current favorite being anime!

And yes, she has a personal goal to pet all furry friends she comes across.


United Nations X Talenthouse
Cosmopolitan (Vein Studio)
LBB (Vein Studio)


Book/Album cover Illustration
Visual assets
Creative Direction
Print illustration
Wedding Invite Illustration
Portrait Illustration
Card Deck design/illustration
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